oh god its 3.30 am and im back on tumblr.

I’m done with my report, kinda anyway but I just cant be bothered going to bed, I sit here dreaming about the possibilities of becoming a magazine editor like I had always wanted, or the blogger that I wanted to be ever since I was in year 7.

all these unattainable dreams…


i’ve been so hesitant on coming back to this platform because i’d been lazy really, but also because i was afraid of writing down my thoughts. but tonight’s thought was worth remembering so i think ill save it and keep it as a memory.

i really miss seeing friends on a daily basis, not just my close friends but also the friends i had made over the years. i miss the exchange of jokes and thoughts that only our generation would understand. and i miss socialising with different people, letting their words fill my mind; their smiling faces and our combined laughter. 

i find myself speaking a lot when i do go to uni and seeing other people, as if words want to spill out of my mouth. i feels so weird now that most of my day is blocked up with listening to lectures, or listening to youtubers and not using my mouth and my brain to express my thoughts.

so thankful for family though, they keep me sane. 

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you are so ugly

ahhahahahha, havent been on tumblr in almost a year and i come back and get hate mail! funny thing is, the me two years ago probably would have written a post about this anon and cried over it. 

perhaps in her next life…

9 months within but forever tattooed on her consciousness. From conceiving to birth; from pain to joy, the giving nature of a mother for her child is eternal.

Surely, her child must be grateful for the endless sacrifices she must continually undertake in order to provide for his life- even as he himself becomes a man of responsibility.

Shattering really, when the child doesn’t understand the need to reciprocate even at the last beatings of her broken heart.



Celebs, fashion and models. X




Celebs, fashion and models. X

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sometimes I wish I was better at conveying my thoughts into words, I have so much to say, but lack in the poetic way that some can speak in..